Zuckerberg Disavows Memo Saying Growth Is Priority Even if Users Are Harmed

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In 2016, a Facebook Inc executive stated in an internal memo in 2016 that the social media firm needed to work on adding users above all else.

The memo had not been reported as Facebook faces inquiries regarding how it handles personal information and the strategies that the social network uses to grow to its current 2.1 billion users.

Facebook Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg has disavowed the internal memo written by Andrew Bosworth, a Facebook vice president, which concerns the argument that the growth of the social network even if users were harmed. This is seen within the memo as Boz details that, “Maybe it costs a life by exposing someone to bullies. Maybe someone dies in a terrorist attack coordinated on our tools”, according to sources.

In addition, Facebook investors, advertisers and users have been in uproar for a long time over such scandals with the most recent being the privacy practices which allowed for political consultancy Cambridge Analytica to gain personal details on approximately 50 million Facebook users.