Where has the money from the Cyprus branch of Tanzanian-based FBME bank ended up?

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According to the Cyprus media, the money got caught up in the German banking system. Surprising, isn’t it?

US$1.4Bn were deposited at the Cyprus branch of FBME when it was deprived of its license. Sooner or later, the whole amount will have to be returned to the legal owners.

These events resemble the story around Mari, the Cyprus military base that confiscated the gunpowder that had been transported by Russia to Syria upon the US request. While the countries were investigating the case, the gunpowder, which was lying under the sun, exploded, destroying a newly built electrical power station.

FBME has already filed a suit against Cyprus to the arbitration court claiming €500m. By the way, Cyprus’ involvement in the whole affair with FBME was upon the US request.