What should employees remember when taking a job interview?

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We would like to point out two common mistakes: applicants do not bother collecting information about the company where they plan to find employment, and don’t ask detailed questions to find out about the employer and the position they have applied for.

The following questions are recommended to ask the interviewer:

What goals would you like me to achieve during the first year of my work?
What projects will I participate in? What are the criteria for project success evaluation?
What are the three parametres of the company’s success?
What should an employee do in case he notices a violation of the rules of behaviour that form basic corporate relations?
How does the company carry out job assessments and are there rewards for hitting targets?
What role will I play in achieving the company’s goals?
What complications and obstacles does the department face that potential applicants should know about?
What difficulties, according to the company, does the position involve?
Does the employer have any doubts whether I can perform the necessary duties?
What balance between work and personal life does the company assume?
What does the company do to enhance employees’ professional and personal development?