What lesson is Singapore learning from Cyprus and Ukraine?

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cyprusSingapore is closely watching the development of the Ukraine crisis and clearly sees that it has to learn a lesson and keep its military forces to be able to withstand military intervention. Ukraine is not the first country that has fallen prey to a Great Power. History knows many examples of divided nations like Cyprus, Ireland and others. Just a short reminder of the history of Cyprus – escalating inter-communal violence led to an invasion of Cyprus by Turkish troops in 1974. Since then Cyprus remains divided with 40,000 Turkish troops stationed in the self-proclaimed territory of Cyprus. Unfortunately for small nations, the Great Powers are twisting International law. In a recent interview the Afghanistan president explained why he doesn’t want to sign a Security agreement with the USA, as the USA only cares about its own security. Today news reported that 5 Afghan soldiers were killed in a recent NATO strike. The World is changing and the USA is not unchallenged like after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Regional tensions are growing here and there and the USA is unable to resolve them. A few examples are Syria, Egypt and Libya in the Middle East; Venezuela and Brazil in the Latin America; Thailand and the South China Sea islands which are disputed by Japan, China, Vietnam and Philippines. A most dangerous trend is the substantial increase in military spending around the World. Cyprus and Singapore have a lot of similarities as the two nations are thriving for self-determination and development. Both countries have managed to develop very friendly business environments which have attracted a lot of foreign businesses to conduct business through it. Both countries have adopted English as a business language; have a low tax rate of 12.5% in Cyprus and 17% in Singapore. Cyprus and Singapore offshore companies are very popular in asset protection and international tax planning exercises.