What can we learn from the Singapore-based initiative “Let’s think about it”?

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With the release of the Committee on the Singapore based initiative the ‘Let’s think about it’ publication has raised many points about how to effectively proceed in the emerging Singapore markets and the forthcoming economy. But what does it mean for everyday Singaporeans?
Here are 5 points to take away from the publication:

1. Technology is transforming our ways of modern life.

2. Leading with an open mindset, the right attitude, drive, courage, openness & willingness will give good stead for the future economy.

3. To look beyond Singapore and seize any global opportunities that arise.

4. Preparing for the future economy is ultimately about ensuring that your family is taken care of, the start of which is to provide them a good home.

5. To succeed, initiative has to be taken in all circumstances and to work together as a team (collaborate with anyone possible!).