WDA sign Memorandum of Understanding to improve specialist skills in Singapore

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Singapore Technologies Engineering has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA) to signify their continued commitment to progress the national SkillsFuture movement.
The MoU outlines Singapore Technologies Engineering’s proposals to work with the WDA on various SkillsFuture initiatives, such as study awards and the “earn and learn” programme.

According to the press release around 100 technical staff in fields like aerospace and precision engineering will be sought after and sponsored over the next three years. Existing employees will also be appointed to obtain specialised skills through the SkillsFuture Study Awards, to advance the careers of its employees.

The WDA also hopes to support some of these employees in the pursuit of mastering their skills via the SkillsFuture Fellowships, which will be a great thing to improve the overall skillset and workforce in Singapore.