US: Obama presents new “Clean Power Plan”

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US President Barack Obama is ready to introduce a plan that he calls ‘the biggest, most important step America has ever taken’ for defeating greenhouse gases.
The Whitehouse aims to cut greenhouse gas emission from US power stations by almost a third in the next 15 years. The plan is giving emphasis on wind and solar power, as well as other renewable energy sources.

As predicted, this creates potential opponents in the energy industry, who have vowed to fight Obama’s Clean Power Plan. Stated by them: “President Obama has declared a war on coal” that is actually the source of more than a third of energy requirements in the US.

The Clean Power Plan sets a goal to cut carbon emissions from the energy sector by almost 35% until 2030, compared with the levels recorded in 2005. The plan states that each US State will be assigned an emission cutting goal, and they will need to submit a proposal to the EPA. However, many state governors have stated that simply they will ignore the plan.

President Obama is hoping that with this plan, he will have a stronger moral authority to argue for global reductions in greenhouse gases at a major conference that will take place in Paris later this year. The Democratic president candidate Hillary Clinton stated her support and her defense of the plan, because something this large and against coal, needs defending.