The University of Cyprus was Recognised in Shanghai Worlds Top 1000 Universities

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The University of Cyprus has been ranked by the Shanghai Ranking Consultancy in their annual Academic Ranking of World Universities. The islands largest university was included in the 1,000 best universities around the world.
The University of Cyprus was ranked almost halfway down the list in the 601-700 placing. This is impressive given the size, funding and research grants given to some of the institutions involved with many US Univsersities topping the list.

The ranking uses six different indicators to rank world universities, including:

i. The number of alumni and staff winning awards and peace prizes.

ii. Researchers selected by Clarivate Analytics.

iii. The Expanded and Social Sciences Citation Index.

iv. The number of articles published in journals of Nature and Science.

v. The number of articles indexed in Science Citation Index.

vi. The performance per capita of the institution.

The five top ranking universities in the world for 2019 are:

Harvard University (US).
Stanford University (US).
University of Cambridge (UK).
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (US).
University of California Berkeley (US).