Russia and Iran: Unity against hegemonism

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Russia and Iran are reproaching and strengthening its ties through politics and business. During the meeting of President Putin with President Hassan Rouhani and Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, it has been overall agreed to stop the hegemonic attitude of the United States and work together to fight against terrorism in the region.

Coordination in the Syrian issue is one of the most important elements to work towards a solution, Russian and Iran are committed to working together in this endeavor. On the other hand, both countries agree on opposing any unilateral change in the multilateral nuclear deal, such as the United States.

Moreover, we can see the rapprochement through business as well, Russian oil producer Rosneft and the National Iranian Oil Company have agreed on an outline deal to work on projects in Iran with a worth up to 30 Billion USD.

Developments in this ties would mean opportunities for both politics and businesses.