Ukraine shows growing interest in Singapore investments

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A meeting between the Ukrainian President, Mr Petro Poroshenko and the Minister of Foreign Affairs in Singapore, Mr Kasivishvanatan Shanmugam, where issues regarding the cooperation of Singapore and Ukraine were discussed. The leaders have reportedly paid special attention to the possible expansion of investment from Singapore into the economy in Ukraine.
Mr. Shanmugam has noted that he will do everything possible to maintain independence and integrity of the Ukrainian state. He also shared his experience and success in carrying out various reforms in Singapore, such as the modernisation of pensions, housing and reforms of the judicial system.

The probability of cooperation between the two ASEAN (Association of SouthEast Asian Nations) countries, where the Asian city-state plays a large role has become another subject of the meeting. Mr Poroshenko has declared that he considers the development of the teo countries relations to be an extremely propective venture for Ukraine, especially in the long term. In turn, Mr Shanmugam informed the President about the numerous projects in Singapore which give opportunities to foreign officials in order to cooperate closely to solve various international problems.

Official sources report that, in general, the meeting was a success, and both parties are satisfied about the agreements reached.