UK: Charity Commission impose changes to SORP requirements

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The Charity Commission has made some minor changes to the Annual Return 2016 which all charities must complete. However, the Commission has stopped asking for campaign expenditure details.
The content of the Annual Return for 2016 will remain mostly the same as for the one for 2015. Changes will be made only to the financial information required of charities with an income of £500,000 and over reflecting the changes needed as a result of the new SORP (Statement of Recommended Practice).

Despite the consultation on a number of potential new questions in 2014 regarding the yearly campaign expenditures posed by the Commission, the regulator now says that it has ruled out having to supply this information despite public interest.

The Director of policy and communications at the Charity Commission, Sarah Atkinson, said:

‘We always aim to strike the right balance in the Annual Return, ensuring it is manageable for charities whilst still collecting important information for our regulatory work, and for accountability to the public. We are working closely with users on the new format to make sure it is easy and intuitive for charities to use.’
A tested beta version will be released at the beginning of 2016 so users can trial it and give feedback.