Trump announces new restrictions on travel & trade with Cuba

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Last week President Donald Trump announced his plans to reinforce stricter travel regulations on Americans travelling to Cuba and significantly reduce US business transactions with the island’s military; unravelling former President Obama’s momentous reconciliations with Havana.
Unveiling his new Cuba policy; Trump will issue a Presidential Directive to reverse some of the relaxed regulations that Obama introduced after 2014, when the two former Cold War enemies had a political breakthrough, White House officials said.

Taking a tougher stance with Havana after his presidential campaign promises to do so, the President will outline stricter enforcement of a permanent reduction scheme regarding US citizens visiting Cuba as tourists and is looking to prevent US funds being used to finance what the new US administration views as an oppressive military-dominated government.

However he faces pressure from US companies with interest in Cuba (including some of his fellow Republicans) to avoid completely destroying relations with communist-ruled Cuba; he also will leave many of Obama’s steps towards stabilisation intact.