Trade War: Weak Dollar Remains According to Poll

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Over the past month, global equities have suffered due to fears of a bigger fallout from the Sino-U.S. trade row could damage the global economy.

The financial markets have calmed down for now as Washington has expressed a readiness to negotiate, after suggested U.S. tariffs on USD US$50 billion of Chinese goods which quickly resulted in a retaliation from Beijing.

However, the latest poll forecast the greenback to fall in a year, which would leave the euro at USD $1.28, up 4% from around USD $1.23 on Thursday the 5th of April. Following this, these expectations were similar to predictions which were made in a March poll.

In reference to the trade row, 16 strategists responded stating that it will weaken the dollar even more wheres the remaining 9 said that they changed their opinion in favour of the U.S. currency.

After nearly 10 years of extremely easy monetary policy, it is expected that major central banks to move in the same direction towards policy tightening.