Figures released show total number of Cyprus companies registered in 2015

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The economy in Cyprus is definitely starting to grow. During 2013, Cyprus faced a big challenge in the Banking sector; however, it managed to successfully recover from the crisis with statistics showing that the economy is growing.
One of the sectors that are showing said growth is the number companies that are registered. According to the Registrar of Companies and the Official Receiver, company registrations rose 2.1% to 938 in August compared to the respective month in 2014.

In the period from January to August, the overall number of new companies registered in Cyprus fell by 3.3% to 7949, however it is promising to see that Companies are still registered in Cyprus. New registrations are promising, but maintaining the number of the registered companies is another aspect of growth.

Another statistics report will be released in the beginning of 2016 that will show the overall number for new registrations and the total number of the companies that are being registered, including both new and existing.