Three-man Committee to Examine Responsibility for Economic Crisis in Cyprus

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cyprus-president-eurozone-crisis A three-man committee of will investigate the near-bankruptcy of the Cyprus economy to determine political, civil or criminal involvement. The committee will be formed by Giorgos Pikis, a former Supreme Court judge and a former member of the International Court of Justice in The Hague, and former Supreme Court judges Panayiotis Kallis and Yiannakis Constantinides. Anastasiades explained yesterday that the committee will be in charge of looking into the reasons that ‘led the country to the brink of bankruptcy, the resolution of one of the country’s biggest banks (Laiki) and the loss of billions in a write-down deposits in other bank (Bank of Cyprus)’. ‘Innocent fellow citizens who are called to suffer the consequences are justly calling for the punishment of anyone responsible’ highlighted Anastasiades. ‘The government and I would be- in our opinion- equally responsible if we did not respond to the call of our citizens