Thinking of Relocating your Business to Singapore? Let Eltoma Help

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Thinking of Relocating your Business to Singapore? Let Eltoma Help

Singapore has quickly become one of the world’s most prosperous countries with strong international trading links and per capita GDP equal to that of the leading nations in Western Europe, making it an ideal destination and potential location for Business Owners to relocate and start a new business and lifestyle.

To set up an overseas company or relocate your existing business in another jurisdiction, let alone another continent may be a daunting process but crucial step towards internationalising yourself and your assets.

Before The Move

A little research will go a long way to give you a rudimentary understanding of what to expect from daily life in Asia, allowing you to settling down quicker. For instance by starting to learn basics of the language; and prepare you for any major cultural differences. Moving abroad long-term can be a challenging experience which will eventually be rewarding, both professionally and personally.

Luckily, Singapore is an extraordinarily easy place to get acquainted with. Lots of information is readily available by phone or online. You can read more about it in our expats guide to relocating to Singapore.

Taking Measures to Relocate to Singapore

Of course it would be ideal if you got a head start and begin making arrangements before touching down in Singapore. Matters such as housing regulations, information on hotels and international schools, even how to apply for bills like electricity, water, gas and landline. Eltoma Corporate Services is happy to announce that our services can be extended, to not only business aspects of moving, but to include the above more personal points. Helping you to settle down and feel at home as quickly as possible.

Basic Step you Will Take to Obtain your E-pass/Entrepass:

  • Submission of application.
  • Approval in Principle.
  • Submission of additional documents.
  • Assessment of approval.
  • Collection of E-pass/ Entrepass.

See more guidance on general visas here.

Business Aspects & How We Can Help

Eltoma Corporate Services can help you with the corporate move, specifically with the following areas:

  • Company Incorporation.
  • Local employee recruitment services.
  • Office research, rental & purchase.
  • Supplying office equipment (furnishings, stationary, equipment such as computers etc).
  • Airport transfer for the Company Director and/or any employees.
  • Short term telephone rentals or shared fax number.
  • Providing a qualified accountant as the nominee company secretary etc.
  • Preparation of Annual General Meeting Documents when due and applicable.
  • Facilitation of corporate documents for notarisation, legalisation and attestation.

After The Move

Eltoma Corporate Services can help expand your business for the long-term using:

  • Standard Constitution (formerly known as Memorandum & Articles of Association; The Memorandum and Articles will be merged into a single document called the Constitution with effective from 3rd January 2016).
  • Website creation (First year .com or .sg domain name registration).
  • Market analysis of trends and current supply & demand.
  • Issuance of share certificates (if required).
  • Local business profile establishment.
  • Opening a Singapore bank account.
  • Setting up of competent long-standing IT infrastructure.
  • Creating substance for your company.
  • Representation of your company in exhibitions etc.
  • Promotion in social media & general brand awareness.