Think like an immigrant

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11.11During American Thomas Friedmans visit to Singapore last week he said that anyone who wants a job, or wants to keep the one they have, should think and act like an immigrant. The New York Times’ foreign affairs columnist believes that people (immigrants) whom are new to a country are hungry for opportunities and work hard to protect those opportunities from being taken away. He is quoted as saying ‘The world does not care what you know and will pay for only what you can do with what you know,’ He was speaking at the Four Seasons Hotel to 250 delegates at the New York Times Global Forum Asia, hosting conversations with the likes of Hewlett-Packard chief executive Meg Whitman and senior partner of management consultancy McKinsey James Manyika. Mr Friedman referred to the world as living in a new ‘Gutenberg moment’ (the invention of the printing press) with new technologies changing the way people live their lives. He said in this day and age ‘Average is over,’ both consumers and employers demand ‘a little extra’, he used the analogy of a waitress in a restaurant who offered him ‘more fruit’, in an attempt to add value to her service. Coining a new equation PQ + CQ is greater than IQ he said people with a high persistence quotient (PQ) and curiosity quotient (CQ), and a dash of willingness to learn, were more useful than those with just a high IQ.