The Ukrainian government calls for the privatisation of the US

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The press office of the Ukrainian government has reported that Mr Arseniy Yatsenyuk, the PM of Ukraine has urged American companies to participate more actively in the privatisation processes in Ukraine, especially in the power branch.
During his visit to the US, Mr Arseniy Yatsenyuk discussed the Ukrainian reforms with American Senator Richard Durbin, particularly, issues regarding the preparation of large-scale privatisation processes which are on-going in Ukraine.

It should be noted that the Ukrainian government has approved a list of nearly 300 items of state property, which are to be privatised in 2015. Companies such as Ukrtorf, Tsentrenergo, and a number of thermal power plants and regional power companies as Donbassenergo, Dneprenergo, Zapadenergo, Donetskenergo and other enterprises have been entered into the list.

Mr Yatsenyuk has asked Shareholders to invest in the economy, especially in the gas transmission system as ‘Kiev does not have addequate tools to accelerate investments and economic growth’ he stated.

The total debt of Ukraine before creditors exceeded $50 billion that is, by different estimates, 65-80% of the country’s volume of GDP according to Mr Yatsenyuk, in 2015 the country is faced by a task of survival. In his opinion ‘it will be a tough time for all social groups’.