The UK Companies House is going to fully open its data

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UKIn 2013 the UK Companies House made two sound announcements: it announced that the Beneficial Ownership register will be public and company accounts data will be available to all as open data. Previously you had to download accounts filings at £1 each from Companies House, and even then what you got were images that you had to manually turn into data, or buy the data from one of the proprietary providers. Recently the UK Government has announced that it’s going to fully open up all its data, and making it available free of charge. In doing this the UK will be the first such register to do so. For example, Denmark publishes most of its information as open data, but not yet accounts data. This change will come into effect from the second quarter of 2015 (April – June), and will mean that as well as the existing basic company information, and accounts data, information on appointments, on charges on assets (mortgages), and also all image filings will be free for all users. You can find more information on the UK companies on our website.