The tax havens get benefits from the crisis

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1365356474_103624_1365356607_noticia_normalEconomic experts agree that the activity in tax havens jurisdictions have increased during the last year even though international organizations have tried to finish with them. With only 200 euros you can incorporate a company in Delaware, the second smallest state in the USA. Yearly you will need to pay an additional 49 euros to one local director. These are the only requirements to incorporate a company. Even in the website of the state it is explained how to easily proceed with it. Through this company you can create a company in any of the 80 tax havens in the world. You can operate in any place in the world without revealing that you are the actual director of the companies. You are ready to get tax benefits and hide part of your assets. Maybe that is the reason why Delaware has the same number of companies as population and is considered an off-shore jurisdiction. One recent study from International Consortium of Investigative Journalists has revealed that 130,000 politicians and business men have used and are using tax haven jurisdictions to improve their business and to hide their money. The ex-treasurer of Hollande, Jean-Jacques Augier,Thysssen or the Azerbaijan president, Ilham Aliyev. The problem of tax havens is not new. Having money off-shore is not illegal, what is not so normal is to do it to avoid taxes or the origin of that money. After the Cyprus bail in and the haircuts on deposits, the fear had grown however the tax havens are still as active as always. Nicosia, Cyprus was one of the most important financial centers and is still as remains with more than 30,000 billion of Russian money. Not only Cyprus and Delaware are well known offshore jurisdictions. In George Town, Cayman Islands there is a white building 5 floors tall that is known as Ugland. More than 18,500 companies are registered there. The crisis, the share flow and the aggressive financial structure have made tax havens an attractive option for investors. ‘It can be said that the assets invested in tax haven jurisdictions have increased in the last years.’