The Russian-Cypriot Gala: promoting strong country ties

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The Russian-Cypriot Annual Gala is due to held on the 12th of September at the Presidential Palace, with the purpose of developing closer ties between the two countries.
Olga Balakleets organises the event each year, after deciding to settle in Cyprus 10 years ago from Russia says the gala was a success even in the beginning, Olga says the event was designed to be a platform where people could meet creating networking opportunities in a relaxed environment.

The gala usually attracts more than 650 attendees. One year it saw a record 900 guests with some people even traveling to Cyprus especially for the event from countries such as Russia, the UK, and Switzerland; with approximately 40% Cypriots, 40% Russians and 20% from other countries.

The event also allows money to be collected for charity in the form of donations. All proceeds have gone to the Radiomarathon Foundation in the last few years. Radiomarathon collects donations for those with special needs.

Performers at this year’s event include Cyprus Eurovision entrant John Karayiannis, Diastasis, Maria-Elena Kyriakou, dancer Svetlana Zakharova and Bayan Mix.

Overall, Olga says she is proud to hold the event, which improves rapport between Russians and Cypriots “People have made friends and business contacts, with others meeting every year in spite of changing political and economic situations”.