Global Cost of Living Index releases list of most affordable cities in the world

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According to the Economist’s World Cost of Living Index, Mumbai, India is the cheapest city to live in the world.
Every other year, the index is calculated, and it is comparing countries’ cost of living based on things like food, drink, clothing, rent, transportation and utility bills. This is a way to help the companies around the world calculate salary compensation to employees working overseas.

However, this index is not something that people who are looking to move overseas for money saving purposes should consider, since some of the cities listed are not all safe. One of these listings is Damascus, Syria ranked fourth, which is currently a war zone.

According to this index, the 10 most affordable cities are:

Mumbai, India.
Karachi, Pakistan.
New Delhi, India.
Damascus, Syria.
Kathmandu, Nepal.
Algiers, Algeria.
Bucharest, Romania.
Panama City, Panama.
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
Nonetheless, there have been other listings for future expats to keep in mind. According to one of the most popular social networks for expats, InterNations, Ecuador is holds one of the highest ranking in financial satisfaction, based on the salaries, rent, groceries and transportation. Following Ecuador is Thailand, The Philippines and China.

Whatever the case may be, moving overseas is a matter that should not be taken lightly and needs consideration for a number of factors other than cost.