The already low crime rate in Cyprus drops even further to 30%

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In recent years, the already low crime rate in Cyprus has decreased even further by 30%, therefore proving the effectiveness of the measures taken and the proper training and management of the police, said President Nikos Anastasiades.

The President spoke on Monday at a ceremony dedicated to the foundation of a new Police Department in Paralimni at the southeast of Cyprus. In his speech, he also mentioned that the government is doing everything possible to provide even higher level of security while strengthening the police infrastructure.

He added that the existing facilities of the Famagusta Police Department do not allow the police to use their real potential, and noted that the new building will house all police services in the area. The project will cost 5.5 million euros and that a total of 210 police officers and 40 firefighters were recently recruited. He also talked about the ongoing reforms to strengthen the justice system and anti-corruption measures in Cyprus.