The anatomy of new USA sanctions on Russia

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The anatomy of new USA sanctions on Russia

America currently has enough turbulence from within. Therefore, in order to soften the internal situation, an external “enemy” is required in order to cause a distraction from the deteriorating internal political situation.

One of major purposes of the new proposed sanctions is to gain access to the EU energy market by major American companies. At the moment, Russia holds about 38% of the natural gas supply while American companies hold only 3% of the EU market.

America is above all or America is coming first … this was an election credo of Donald Trump. It is time for the current American president to keep his word. However, implementing electoral promises turns out sour for Trump. Therefore, he is desperately in need of an easy win at least somewhere. Russia as a bogeyman is the best option for American politicians now.

Interestingly, US Congress doesn’t consider Russia as a world power but a reginal one. Americans are planning to do everything possible to preserve a world order that they have benefited for long time.

New sanctions will put Russia in the line with Iran and North Korea.

It is pity that ordinary people from both sides are suffering from this political standoff. Unfortunately, it is how history is made now.