Tesla fails to make any sales after the Hong Kong government revoke green tax incentives

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After the Hong Kong government recently abolished tax breaks for electric vehicles, no Tesla vehicles sales were registered in Hong Kong throughout the month of April, reports have shown.
The month before the deadline of the cut, almost 3,000 Tesla car sales were registered in Hong Kong – almost double figures from the last six months of 2016. The drop in the incentive has been a huge setback for the company’s sales in Asia, which has seen deliveries affected due to a shortage of battery-pack production, which demonstrates how reliant the company is on government incentives to maintain its high sales rates.

According to the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association, Tesla benefits from government incentives in other jurisdictions such as Europe. For example, Germany excuses electric vehicles from having to pay circulation taxes for 10 years, while the UK exempts them from an annual circulation tax and fully electric cars are exempt from having to pay road tax at all.