Syria, Russia, Iran: U.S. Trying to Divide up the Middle East

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During the 7th annual Moscow International Security Conference, Syrian, Russian, Iranian military leaders all criticised the U.S military intervention in Syria and the region in its entirety, accusing Washington of having a bad agenda as all four countries involved battled the remnants of the Islamic State militant group (ISIS).

On Wednesday the 4th of April, officials from Russia and Iran blamed what they called U.S. plans to divide the Middle East, where efforts to battle ISIS have played out on the setting of a seven year civil war.

Tehran and Moscow are the leading allies of the President of Syria, Bashar al-Assad, who the U.S. attempted to overthrow by supports the rebels of the 2011 uprising.

As of now, Washington supports a mostly Kurdish group called the Syrian Democratic Forces, which has looked into greater autonomy for the territory it currently controls across both northern and eastern Syria according to sources.