SWISS BANKING: Ex-Credit Suisse banker pleads guilty to tax evasion

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Swiss resident, Susanne Ruegg Meier, has pleaded guilty to assisting over 1,000 US citizens evade between USD $3.5-9.5 million in tax from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) between 2002-2011. According to Bloomberg, Meier pleaded guilty on Wednesday 19th of July in federal court in Alexandria, Virginia. This was where she first appeared in court after she was indicted with seven other ex- Credit Suisse bankers in 2011.

She has recently confessed to couriering cheques to US clients and organising for clients to withdraw cash from bank accounts at Credit Suisse from different branches in the Bahamas and other locations. She also admitted to helping her clients to relocate their assets to different Swiss banks due to Credit Suisse’s closure of its American clients’ accounts in 2008.

A minimum of three other Swiss banks have prosecuted the ex-senior member of Credit Suisse’s North American client office with her having to travel to the United States to plead guilty to numerous offences.