Survey finds 5 hardest occupations to fill in Singapore

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The global workforce expert in Singapore, Manpower Group has identified the top five vacancies within the workplace that Singaporean firms are hardest to recruit for.
They are:

Accounting and finance specialists.
Sales representatives.
Secretaries (including receptionists and administrative assistants).
Marketing, public relations and communications specialists.
Miss Linda Teo, Manpower Group Singapore’s Managing Director, released in a report on Monday, stating that of the 234 respondents from the 2015 Talent Shortage Survey, 40% of them say they find difficulty in filling these occupations during recruitment.

She accredited the unavailability to widespread restructuring that is sending tremors across sectors, with shocks being added from a tightening labour market”. In other locations around the world, the top five abilities that are most typically difficult to find, are skilled trade professions (such as chefs, bakers, butchers, electricians and mechanics) and others such as technicians and drivers (mainly of heavy vehicles), the survey found.