Summit BRICS: everyone is only talking about the biggest deal on the supplying of arms by Russia to India

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The Western Media Summit was held and would have gone largely unreported if it were not for the 16 contracts for the supply of the latest weapons by Russia to India. All this is ongoing against the backdrop of increasing military tension between India and Pakistan.

So what kind of Treaty was signed?

Firstly, on the delivery and partial manufacture in India amounted to 200-ton helicopters Kamov -226 T.

Secondly, delivery of the equipment and weapons for the project amounted to 11356 frigates. Frigates were built in Kaliningrad and were originally intended for the Black Sea Fleet Frigates built on technological stealth.

In addition, there are a couple of civil projects on the development of railways and the use of technologies for irradiated foods to extend their shelf life. Both civil projects are very important for India.