St Kitts & Nevis PM evaluates the Citizenship-by-Investment programme

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The Prime Minister of St Kitts & Nevis aspires to establish its nation as the most prosperous small island in the world with the help of the CBI programme.
Mr Timothy Harris, Prime Minster of Saint Kitts & Nevis, stated that his government’s actions aim towards a prosperous future for the people of the small Caribbean nation, and the programme offering Citizenship-by-Investment is a means to achieve this aim.

The PM emphasised the global outlook of Saint Kitts & Nevis, which involves a new ethos. The CBI programme will help the introduction of substantive reforms in key critical areas, as well as organisational reforms, he added.

He stressed the fact that granting someone the citizenship is a privilege, and every citizen has the obligation to preserve the integrity, security and sustainability of the state, as well as reaping the benefits that residents enjoy.

“In the past, I think the view was our passport is for sale and anyone who had US $250,000 or US $400,000 was free to enter. Now we are saying no, this is an honour and a privilege that we have according to others by allowing them to acquire our citizenship”.

– Timothy Sylvester Harris, Saint Kitts & Nevis Prime Minister.

Aside from that, the PM added that citizens who come by way of the Saint Kitts & Nevis’ CBI programme should add value, as they must be “people with an enduring interest in making beloved St. Kitts and Nevis a better country.”