South East Asia Projected Growth Exceeds Expectations

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singAll positive economic growth advanced from the U.S. and Japan has resulted in recovering the down fall of a Chinese slowdown in the South Eastern region. The growth has seen Singapore adjusting its forecast to 3.5% from a projected forecast of 2.5%. The increase in the projected growth arises from the expansion of the American Service Industries showing the fastest pace within the last five months only within July. Another contribution to the economy as a whole is the weaker Singapore dollar – which will assist exporters and tourism within the country. In short, growth is arising from the services sector and mostly from financial services which the country is engaged in. If you have interest in investing in opening companies and or bank accounts in the prestigious jurisdiction of Sigapore – Eltoma Corporate Services can assist with worldwide bank accounts for deposits and payment of goods on behalf of the seller and buyer… Internet banking with worldwide accounts will assist for transfer of funds from account to account and bank cards that are issued with worldwide accounts can be used worldwide. Please call us for various options that we can provide.