Singapore named the happiest nation in the world

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According to the World Happiness Report 2015, Singapore has been named as one of the 25 happiest countries in the world and the happiest country in Asia. And although this statement could only result in an ironic smile for Singaporeans, today this scepticism has caused sincere smiles.
Comparing this report with one published in 2011 by Gallup company, we will see the real progress. For example, Gallup survey revealed that Singapore citizens feel less positive about life, than inhabitants of any of other 148 countries interviewed. However according to research conducted by the UN, the situation has gradually improved. In 2012 when the first report on results of the poll was issued, Singapore was in 36th place out of 130. In 2013 the country rose by 30 places, and is now at 24th of 158.

The GDP level per capita has become one of the key factors to affect a country’s place in the happiness rating – last year it amounted to $71,318. Among other considered indicators, there was an average life expectancy, a freedom of choice and availability of social support. According to sociologist Paulina Stroan from the Singapore National University of Singapore, the level of satisfaction of population with life is a very subjective indicator.

‘If relying on the country’s development, we really have stepped in the right direction. Unlike other countries, things are stable here, and people also rely on the government’. However, she states that at the same time, some Singaporeans are dissatisfied with the life in the overpopulated city, with some suffering from the high level of a stress at work.