Singapore will start checking passports against Interpol database

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Singapore passport Singapore passport Singapore has signed an agreement with Interpol to start using its database for checking passports. It will give the ability to identify and detect holders of stolen or lost passports and those ones who are on Interpol’s wanted list. Checks will be conducted when entering or leaving Singapore. Singapore is considered one of the safest countries in the world. The Singapore government is working hard to keep crime levels to a bare minimum. A law abiding population is a great help in achieving this. Singapore is the fourth financial centre with strong banks like OCBC, DBS and UOB. Opening an offshore bank account in Singapore offers many advantages including an efficient and stable banking systems. It is possible to open bank accounts for companies from other jurisdictions like Cyprus, UK, Hong Kong, etc. Singapore has also developed a highly attractive tax system by establishing a territorial taxation principle where a non-Singapore source income is not taxed in Singapore. Singapore is considered a low tax rate company with a corporate tax rate of only 17% and many tax rebates and reliefs. Singapore offshore companies can be effectively used for assets holding and protection, receiving dividends, royalties, interest and international trading, etc.