Singapore tycoon arrested while entering the city-state

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On the 1st of November 2017, Mick Davies, 57, a Singapore citizen and business tycoon once ranked by Forbes as the richest men in China was arrested for entering Singapore using a forged Hong Kong passport as he felt that he was “suddenly in fear for his life’.

After being in China for 3 months from April, now a suspected fraud was on a business trip in China when he was on bail when he decided to return to Singapore, however not the conventional and legal way. Firstly, he entered Vietnam illegally by boat. Then he tried to get to the Singapore Embassy in Hanoi for help but authorities were puzzled by him not having his travel documents. Worried that local authorities would be alarmed he forged a Hong Kong passport and bought a plane ticket back to Singapore on July 12th. He was arrested 2 weeks later by the ICA and sentenced to 5 months’ jail term.