Singapore support local PMEs by inspecting firms who hire foreign workers

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The MOM has announced plans this week to introduce measures to give more support for local Professionals, Managers and Executives (PMEs) in a new initiative to strengthen the Singaporean workforce core.
from October this year, firms will have to make the salary range of job vacancies they post public information to comply with the Fair Consideration Framework’s advertising requirement. Also, employers who apply for Employment Passes (EP) with the advertisement not stating a salary range will have their applications rejected.

The ministry announced plans to increase analysis of EP applications for companies who have a weaker Singaporean core of PMEs in relation to others in their industry. These employers will be required to submit data to check whether Singaporeans were also considered fairly.

Approximately 160 firms from the financial services and IT industry are currently on a monitoring list with more firms expected to be added. This list includes companies which have received complaints of discriminatory hiring practices.

However, a MOM spokesperson commented that for some sectors, there are just not enough skilled Singaporean professionals. To combat this, a plan is in action to hire foreign employees, and this will allow for the knowledge to be conveyed to the local workforce.