Singapore Simplifies the Procedure for Hiring Foreign Workers

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Manpower Minister Lim Swee Say assured the business community that companies will be able to recruit foreign employees under a simplified procedure. However, this flexibility will only apply to companies that comply with the so-called Fair Partition Framework.

This means that they cannot be on the Fair Consideration Framework’s watch list for unfairly favouring foreigners in their hiring or have violated job advertisement requirements.

The Minister also noted that the skills that a potential candidate possesses must be of a high professional level, and employers must also ensure that residents of Singapore do not possess similar skills. It is also emphasised that it is a question of selecting candidates for vacancies related to such areas as artificial intelligence, cybersecurity and data analytics, the areas that contribute to industry transformation and growth.

This is in line with the government’s efforts to transform the Singapore economy, given that flexible staff selection mechanisms can increase the company’s overall productivity, said a Ministry of Manpower spokesperson.