Singapore is closely watching the USA and China

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Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong decided to focus on China even he was meeting with in US President Donald Trump in Washington on Monday.

The Washington visit was for Lee to strengthen Singapore’s political and economic relationships with the US however he focused on China’s position in the region which is crucial for the city-state.

Trump and Lee discussed their positive military and trade partnerships at a press conference held in the Rose Garden after their Oval Office meeting and sharing lunch.

However, the later half of Lee’s discussion seemed to be referring to the leaders terminating their Communist Party Congress in Beijing.

Lee also stated that “It’s the most important bilateral relationship in the world”, to which Trump agreed. China stands to be one the US’s most important export markets.

With over USD $70 billion in stock investments, Singapore is the second largest Asian investor in the US. In 2016, the total trade in goods and services added up to more than USD $68 billion.