Singapore Government will keep an open mind on dual citizenship in Singapore

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singapore Deputy Prime Minister Teo Cheen Hean highlighted on Thursday that the current Singaporean situation is to not allow Singaporeans to hold dual citizenship as it will not strengthen them neither ‘as people or nation’ ‘Allowing Singaporeans to retain or acquire a second citizenship is unlikely to enhance identity but could dilute it’ he explained, as an answer to Nominated MP Eugene Tan’s Parliamentary question on the necessary pre-conditions before Singapore is prepared to accept dual citizenship. Mr Tan continued by stating, if giving the current trend of more marriages between Singaporeans and those of other nationalities, dual nationality might help children of such marriages have a connection with Singapore. He emphasized the importance of Singapore open mind on this matter. Mr Teo supports this idea explaining that although Singapore should not allow dual citizenship at this point in time, ‘we should always keep an open mind’.