Singapore employees found to snoop on their own firms

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According to identity management firm One Identity, 94% of employers in Singapore have admitted that their employees have tried to access unnecessary information. The vice president of One Identity, Mr Lennie Tan, has stated that it is concerning that employees have free access to sensitive information like financial performance.

The study has shown that 16% of employers have stated that this type of behaviour happens all the time. Following this, 47% of IT professionals in Singapore admitted to searching for sensitive information regarding their firm’s performance. 44% of technology employees admit to this kind of behaviour on an international scale, when compared to the 36% in financial services, 31% in the manufacturing industry and lastly, 21% in healthcare.

The majority of the snooping is being carried out by the people who are responsible for keeping the information safe, i.e. the tech security professionals. The issue has now raised significant questions as to whether there is a blind spot within Singapore’s cyber-security systems.