Singapore Company Director faces fine for illegally importing cigarettes

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A Chinese Company Director has been found guilty of illegally importing duty-unpaid cigarettes through parcel post and storing them at his home in Singapore.
Mr Yin Xidi has been fined SGD $27,000 for receiving an illegal parcel which was declared to contain magazines and towels, and was delivered to his company office at the Marina Bay Financial Centre and received by one of his own employees, on his behalf.

Singapore Customs Officers traced the origins of the parcel and visited the Directors home, finding nine cartons and 10 packets of the illegally imported contraband cigarettes. A further search of his apartment uncovered a further 15 cartons and three packets of contraband.

The total amount of duty and Goods & Services Tax (GST) evaded by conducting the import amounted to approximately SGD $2,000 Singapore Customs revealed.