Singapore celebrates Golden Jubilee

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“Today the whole nation celebrates. Glad so many are joining in all the events. We celebrate as one people, one nation, one Singapore” quoted the Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.
Over the past weekend, Singaporeans were celebrating the separation from Malaysia, when they became an independent state. As the Prime Minister stated, they are no longer part of Malaysia and would be become sovereign democratic and independent nation from that day on. As they are now 50 years an independent nation, Singaporeans spent their weekend celebrating with Jubilee joy.

More than 200,000 people dressed in Singapore’s national colours, joined the Marina Bay area to get the vibe of the celebration for their country’s 50th birthday. The National Day Parade was highlighted by the three-hour parade, where at the end; the crowd united, their voices singing the evergreen lyrics of Dick Lee’s Home.

Around 1,200 parade performers formed and illuminated a mosaic of Singapore’s flag on the Padang, after committing themselves to work together as “one united people”. Hundreds of thousands of all races joined either from their house or at community centres to watch the live broadcast, as well as Singaporeans that live abroad.

Singapore has celebrated not only their 50 years of independence, but also 50 years of progress.