Singapore Becomes Largest Asian Investor in US Commercial Real Estate

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According to Bloomberg on Monday, January 29th, Singapore has overtaken China and became Asia’s largest investor in US commercial real estate. Singapore was the third largest investor in the commercial real estate in the US after Canada and France.

In 2017, Singapore companies increased the amount of investment in US real estate to $9.5 billion dollars, compared with USD $3.3 billion in 2016. While Chinese companies invested USD $5.9 billion, which is a sharp decline from USD $17.3 billion in 2016.

It is believed that a 66% decrease in transactions of Chinese investors occurred after the country’s regulators stopped the outflow of capital. ‘We expect that Singapore will remain the largest source of Asian investment in the US real estate market.’ says the report of Cushman’s regional Executive Director for capital markets for the Asia-Pacific region.