Singapore to increase education fees for foreign students, again

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The Ministry of Education has once again decided to increase the fees paid by international students attending local primary and secondary schools.
Starting from January 2016, foreign origin parents who are temporarily living in Singapore and would like to send their children to primary schools, will have to pay the amount of $550 a month, $50 more than they are currently paying. Permanent residents will also pay $110 instead of $90.

An even higher increase will occur on fees for foreign citizens’ regarding secondary education; fees will rise from $550 a month to $800 a month for international students and $160 for permanent residents instead of $120.

It is worth noting that the respective fees needed for the secondary and primary education back in 2009, for international students, were as low as $146 and $226 respectively.

“This latest revision of school fees is a move to further differentiate fees by citizenship.”

– The Ministry of Education, Singapore

International students and permanent residents will be paying more to attend not only local schools, but also junior colleges and centralised institutions.

The fees for Singapore citizens will remain unchanged. Primary school education is free for Singaporeans, while those in secondary schools and at the pre-university level pay the representative amounts of $5 and $6 respectively.

Around 9% of students in national schools now are permanent residents, and 5% are international students. Singapore’s educational system is considered to be one of the best in the world.