Singapore: 7th Most Attractive City For Global Workers

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Local businessmen believe that cost of living and tax would make workers significantly consider moving to Singapore.

According to sources, Singapore is the 7th most sought-after city for international workers. It was alongside Dubai, which were the only 2 Asian cities to be mentioned in the list.

The majority of the respondents stated that they wanted to move to Singapore because they want a new lifestyle (10%). Other reasons for wanting to move to Singapore would be better opportunities for family (9%), a different cultural experience (8%) and of course, financial incentives (8%).

Following this, fewer respondents said that their reason was the weather (7%), advanced technology (7%) and the cost of living (7%) within the Lion City.

On the other hand, businessmen in the city believe that tax (16%) and cost of living (14%) are the main barriers for expats to choose to work in Singapore. They also mentioned that fears over pensions (11%), language barriers (10%) and the weather (9%) may make expats reconsider moving to the Lion City.