Should You Invest in North Korea?

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Donald Trump presented a movie displaying large skyscrapers, bright lights and high-speed trains to North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. The US president was seeking to pitch a future to Kim Jong Un which would be possible if Pyongyang were to give up their weapons.

However, according to analysts, few people will be willing to put money into one of the highest-risk business environments in the world.

Some people believe that with a strategic geographical location, mineral wealth and cheap labour, North Korea has significant potential.

Although, the history of overseas businesses which have tried to launch operations in the isolated country is a sorry one.

Bills which are never paid, rules that change on impulse and the looming threat of expropriation hang over foreigners who step into one of the intense investment destinations.

More and more restrictions apply under the numerous sanctions regimes enforced on the North over its nuclear ambitions.