Should Starbucks pay less tax than a sausage stand in Austria?

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Austria’s Chancellor Christian Kern has been quoted saying in a Der Standard interview that US tech giant Starbucks officially pays less tax to Austrian authorities than a local sausage stand.
‘Every café or sausage stand in Vienna pays more tax than a multinational corporation; the same goes for Starbucks, Amazon and other large companies. The legislation that the Netherlands, Luxembourg Ireland and Malta are using is effectively betraying the rest of the EU economy’ he stated.

He then commended the European Commission’s recent order for Apple to pay 13B euros in tax charges to Ireland and showed his support to ensure that companies earning the most revenue should of course be paying the most tax.

Last month, after a long investigation the EC decided that Apple should repay the sum in extra tax, plus interest, as a result of having a long-established tax deal with the US tech giant amounting to illegal state aid.