Tax Services

At Eltoma Corporate Services, we specialise in providing UK tax planning and compliance services to individuals moving to or leaving the UK, as well as long term UK based overseas nationals non-domiciles. Our team of Accountants include members of the Association of Taxation Technicians and the Chartered Institute of Taxation, the UK’s leading professional tax body.

Eltoma’s UK tax services include:

Tax return preparation

We can assist with the preparation of your UK tax return and offer a comprehensive service backed by professional consultants with significant experience in expatriate tax matters.

Our specialist knowledge in tax preparation for individual clients enables us to apply the most tax efficient approach whether you are an overseas national working in the UK or a UK national working overseas.

  • Review of requirements to file tax returns.
  • Obtaining Self-Assessment tax number ID for tax return filing.
  • Review of Statutory Residence Test for residency issues.

Non domicile claims and reliefs, including:

  • Exemptions in respect of overseas income.
  • Analysis of “remittance” versus “arising” basis.
  • Claims for “Overseas Workday Relief”.
  • Accommodation and subsistence claims for temporary assignees and mobile commuters.
  • Analysis and reporting of share based benefits, such as option income or restricted shares.
  • Foreign tax credit claims where earnings or personal income has been taxed by another jurisdiction to prevent a double tax charge.
  • Tax treaty claims.
  • Filing of non-resident tax returns for individuals with UK source income, including pension income, investments, rental income and analysis and reporting of “relevant” gains on sale of UK property.

We can prepare your return quickly and efficiently wherever you are located, saving you time and money. All documents are safely delivered and tax returns are filed electronically to HM Revenue and Customs, with immediate acknowledgement of receipt.

We offer fixed fee quotes based on the number and types of income sources to be reported and will always confirm our fees before commencing any chargeable work so that there are no additional bills or hidden fees.

Tax planning when arriving in or leaving the UK

It is essential to ensure that your tax matters are considered at an early stage when coming to or leaving the UK. Eltoma’s Accounting team can assist with arrival or departure consultations to discuss the key issues. A consultation is tailored to each individual client’s requirements, however a selection of general taxation areas would include:

  • Review of tax residence and domicile position and implications on UK and overseas income and gains.
  • Registration with UK tax authorities.
  • Non domicile planning, including effective use of remittance basis.
  • Claims for “overseas workday relief” and correct structure of qualifying bank accounts.
  • Advise on remittances of income from overseas.
  • Assistance with filing of HMRC departure forms and non-residence claims.
  • Tax mitigation strategies.

Eltoma can also assist with longer term UK tax mitigation planning including:

  • Pension planning.
  • Use of HMRC Enterprise Investment, Seed Enterprise Investment and Venture Capital Trusts.
  • Acquisition of property via appropriate structures.
  • Inheritance tax planning.
  • Tax efficient remittances of income to the UK.