Key benefits of jurisdiction

Gibraltar is a small British overseas territory located on the southern end of the Iberian Peninsula at the entrance of the Mediterranean.

Total area of the country is 6.8 square kilometers. Population is 32 thousand people.

Local currency – GBP.

Gibraltar has signed Hague Convention in 1961, all the documents issued in the country can be certified by Apostil.

Gibraltar has no Double Taxation Treaties signed. However Gibraltar has exchange of information relationships with 27 jurisdictions through 0 DTCs and 27 TIEAs.

Gibraltar is not included in “black list” of FATF.

Benefiting from a stable and growing economy and a favourable tax regime, Gibraltar has established itself as prosperous financial centre. Being a member of EU, Gibraltar can offer tax heaven advantages for companies that are registered as non-residents, including easy access to the EU financial markets. Gibraltar is one of the most attractive European offshore jurisdictions with its political stability, robust commercial and professional infrastructure.