Company registration

There is no requirement to travel to Costa Rica in order to follow registration procedures for a company. The following process is followed in order to register:

  • A Deed of Registration is drafted and executed before a Notary Public
  • A Notice of Registration is published in the Official Gazette
  • Once registered the corporation must request the approval of the legal accounting books before the Tax Authorities
  • Once the books are authorized the shareholders registry book is updated accordingly and share certificates are issued

The above registration process takes around 2 weeks.

Summary of Requirements for a Costa Rica S.A.

General Information
Type of Company Private Corporation S.A.
Timescale to incorporate Approx. 10 working days
Corporate Taxation Nil
Double Tax Treaty Access: No.
Minimum No. Required 3 required, President, Secretary & Treasurer. May be individual or Corporate
Local Director Required No
Publicly accessible information No
Location of Meetings Anywhere
Minimum No. Required 2, 100% foreign shareholders allowed. May be the same as directors. Can be individual or corporate.
Publicly accessible information No
Location of Meetings Anywhere
Company Secretary
Required Yes
Local Secretary Required No
Registered Office / Agent Required Yes
Share Capital
Standard Currency CR Colones / USD
Standard Authorised 10,000 CR Colones / Approx. USD 30.00
Minimum Paid Up Capital At least 25% of the issued share capital must be paid up upon incorporation.
Accounting & Compliance
Requirements to prepare Accounts Yes
Requirement for Audit No
Local Auditor Required N/A
Requirement to File Accounts No
Requirement to file Annual Return No
Accounting Year End The fiscal year runs from 1st October until the 30thSeptember however an application may be made to the authorities to adopt a different year end