Tax and accounting regulations

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The following information provides an overview of the tax and accounting regulations in British Virgin Islands.

Tax System:

The following are exempt from tax:

  • Income.
  • Royalties.
  • Capital Gains.
  • Inheritance.
  • Profits.
  • Transfer.
  • Net Worth.
  • Dividends.
  • Investments.
  • Capital Transfers.
  • Interest – Although there is no tax on interest the BVI has implemented the EU savings directive which means that agents making interest payments to residents of an EU member state will automatically exchange information with the relevant member states tax authority with respect to the identity of the beneficial owner and the payment.

International Aspects of Taxation:

Double Taxation Treaties – There are no Double Taxation Treaties in place.

Annual Reporting Requirements:

There is no requirement to file audited accounts with the authorities; a company is required to keep financial records which reflect the financial position of the company.